In which is maybe a bumper crop?

by Craig on January 25, 2015


They had a chance to know everything







to understand pain but never be injured
to know of sorrow but never undergo grief
to fathom the human tapestry as it is woven

with divine perspective



but now, as the serpent promised
they would know good and evil
but would have to learn it all


Adam, Eve, Gen 3:15, a chance to view from the top side, instead chose the bottom...


how tempting to sleep, never to wake again
how important was the prophecy to keep hope alive

And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your seed and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”
(Genesis 3:15)

they failed
yet in the failure
was the seed of hope

if it’s dark right now
all murky and shadowy
nothing like you wanted

I get it

they would too



but if God allows the seed of failure
and bestows, in return, the seed of a woman
then there is promise within the ancient prophecy

“he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel”

One will eternally issue the final blow
the other, be forever relegated to nipping

nipping with venom to be sure
how he does relish striking the heel
but the Enemy can never completely do. us. in.

if God eternally is
and yet, he was born

If God always lives yet laid down his live, maybe just this one time, there is hope.

if God always lives
and yet laid down his life

if God is real
and the promise is real
from so many seeds of failure


just this one time

a bumper crop





thank you to the artists:
the tree
eternal harmony


Adam and Eve

one simple decision
failure of all failures

(Genesis 3:6,7)

The woman saw

that the tree
was good for food
and pleasing to the eyes,
and the tree was desirable

for gaining wisdom.

it may have seemed such a logical argument
logic often being the garden. variety. disguise.

of justification

So she took some of its fruit and ate it;
and she also gave some to her husband,

who was with her,
and he ate it. Then

the eyes of both of them

were opened

and they saw…

leaves to thorns
velvet to granite
crystal to cloud

where life once sprang from every available space
where every hint of potential became grand possibility
and every grand possibility became flourishing reality

now every path
formerly beautiful
became harrowing

The Fall... every path, formerly beautiful, became harrowing, and heartrending and haunting and hopeless. Ever seen that?

and heartrending
and haunting
and harsh

loss of life was everywhere
where life was meant to be


every plant growing – then dying
taking animal’s lives to keep themselves alive
the firstborn son given life, then taking life from the second

we think of the Fall
but only of our consequences
never really considering how they felt



Ever feel that way?

Ever reaped a harvest of futility from the seed of failure?

Ever need a glimmer of promise from the seed of a woman?



btw a little art credit for…
the Chinese words
the dark path


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