Immanuel found a home, in the humble, in a stable

by Craig on December 5, 2010

alpha, omega

King of kings, Lord of lords


found a home

in the humble

in a stable

Luke 2:7

“and she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

Departing from the study of James, and doubt, and faith, I was struck by this post. It was brought to my attention by a blogging friend. It’s beautiful –  please go read it first, then come back here if you’d like.

I’m a man, and the older I get, and the more absolutely astonishing Christian women I know, the more I wish we had a gospel written by a woman. But it was a different time, maybe it would have been suppressed, or vilified, not by God, but by stupid humans.

Women, as well as men, were, at the time, way over on the sexist side.

I’ve never heard a sermon on the pregnancy of Mary. How wonderful would that be? And it might have to be “delivered” (pun is the lowest form of humor) by a woman to have legitimacy.

In the post above, the author said she would have thought, “A barn, Really?” I’m with her. And I think that Mary would have felt the confusion, and uncertainty, and doubt – because she was human. But I also think that she would have arrived in the end, at,

“A barn. I get it. Really I do.”

She had to have been THAT magnificent to have qualified as mother of God.

And the writer mentions that there are so many people in “stables”. It’s the piercing point of the plot.

I’ve been in a stable of trial for more than a decade, a well deserved one. It is one by which God has recast me into the man I could have been from the moment I first met him. But it took Our Lord’s prodigious love, and his fittingly austere discipline, and both at the same time sometimes, to fashion me into a half usable vessel. It’s been a long miracle, but still a God miracle.

It’s been one I have been, even in the most bitter darkness, truly grateful for.

The author of the post said, “God is sovereign and God is good.” It’s true. And every Christian “stable” has a meaning and a purpose because of that. Only because of that.

If you happen to be in a “stable”, I know as surely as I know there is a God, that God does not intend for you to waste your pain. And stables are painful – the sharp straw, splintered wood, cold stone. But I pray that not an ounce of your pain goes for naught, and that out of your “stable” may proceed true light.

Merry Christmas

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Anonymuss December 6, 2010 at 9:11 am

Craig, this is so good (including the link to the other site)! I never thought about the stable birth in this way but how true it is.

“It’s been one I have been, even in the most bitter darkness, truly grateful for.” Isn’t this so true?! several days ago I weighed the utter pain and sadness of a situation in my life, and yet could not say I wished it had never happened, because of all I learned through it. And that has happened not just once in my life. The stable of trial forms true stability in our lives, doesn’t it? (when we let it, that is.)

I hope sometime you capture all these posts into a book or books. The same goes for your Christmas poem; I would love to be able to frame that and have it out where it could be seen. But I am grateful I can come here to your sites and find the life and truth you share so well.


Craig December 6, 2010 at 3:36 pm

A book or books – I’d like it now too – but in God’s time – I’ll wait – maybe one day – his will not mine. And on a day when blogging is proving to be a minefield to navigate, your words today – really every day – are like little stars that drop from the sky and light my path. Thank you.


Debbie December 7, 2010 at 1:21 am

Thank you for this special Christmas post! I agree with A . . .my stable experiences have all been for my good, for His good to be shed in me. Tomorrow we go to my daughter’s horse therapy time. I’ll be thinking of this and Jesus while we’re there . . . God bless you!


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