In which I bump into a personal fullness of time…maybe…

by Craig on October 6, 2011

John 1:11 the fullness of time, the world had one - we do toosource

The fullness of time.

The one time it is most perfect for the arrival of the Savior.

The world had one.

Everyone who has a relationship with Our Lord  has had one.

Yesterday, while getting my computer fixed I met a really nice guy while we were both browsing the PC tablets.

And we talked of politics, and blogging, and being spiritual, and life, and death, and Sara. He doesn’t have a relationship with our Lord. though he is open to spiritual things, and as a teenager had an experience at a youth group meeting and came close.

I think I not only ran into him, but also…


John 1:11 the fullness of time, the world had one - we do toosource

a personal fullness of time.

And I asked him the question that got me.
It was the question that made me…
for the first time…
face unavoidably…
the prospect of eternal life…
and Grace.

I looked him in the eyes…
I really did…
because I absolutely cared about this moment.

I asked bluntly, “If you died tomorrow, would you go to heaven?

And he gave an honest answer…
but it didn’t come easily…
I could tell.

He looked a little to the left and the right, and his hands went to his face. Being a former, and very serious, poker player, I could read the tells. An evasion of eye contact is an evasion of truth. It reveals inner uncertainty, and a possible bluff. The hand to the face is a self comforting gesture.

John 1:11 the fullness of time, the world had one - we do toosource

You put your hand your face when you’re trying to pretend that you have the winning hand but actually have nothing – or you’re afraid that even though your hand is strong, it might not be strong enough.

He told me it would be overconfident and brash to say…
“I’m going to heaven. I mean…
how can you be certain of something like that?”

And suddenly I really wanted him to be certain.

He spoke of having kids and how he was sure God would want him to see them again. And, Joe (not your real name) if you happen to be reading this, and I’m getting this wrong, please help me to get it right.

Joe can do that because I gave him my bloggy business card. He knows how to find me.

“Joe” spoke of trying to live well…
and in a charmingly uncertain way…
he almost immediately backtracked and said…
attempting to try.”

We both smiled at that one.

Interestingly, he said in the course of our conversation, “It’s not about me.” I couldn’t hear those words and not think of Sara, who was here and alive, and is not here anymore. And I believe, and almost all of you believe, that she is still alive, even though she’s dead, and we believe that with a faith that approaches certainty.

I told him that Sara chose to be buried in a shirt that said, “It’s not about me”. He thought it was as full of awesome as I did.

John 1:11 the fullness of time, the world had one - we do too

And I talked of how this friend of mine was alive…

and then wasn’t alive…

and where she might be now.

And something bothers me.

It’s something I didn’t do…


I’ll continue with this petite abondance de temps (little fullness of time)


please come back.

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Dawn October 6, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Dear Craig,

Being with another when they “get” Jesus and take Him into their lives is really being at THE point in their lives when it all comes together. What an other-worldly place to be! This really excites me. There is so much going on that we can’t see because we are finite. I have been around hundreds of people who were experiencing their personal fullness of time. Several times I was standing right alongside them and a few times I was with them alone. What did it look like from a heavenly perspective? Was I on the edge of something, that, if I had had the divine eyes to see, I would have seen more clearly the things of God?

I have to go back and look at your picture of the convergence (a few posts before Sara). OK, I’ve done that. It looks something like a Navajo rug. I didn’t remember it like that. I was thinking something more star-treky. Anyway, to be standing at the intersect of all the lines with a newly birthed person. How exciting! It’s like being in a delivery room with a new baby. Each new baby comes fresh from the Father with a purpose and a calling. This is mindboggling!

Preparing for work *


Craig October 6, 2011 at 3:19 pm

Dawn if we could just see everything from a heavenly perspective, we would never sin because we’d see how ugly it is, we constantly love because we’d see the bliss it creates, and one day, one day… And although there have been some who have come to our Lord with me is the final push – I’ve always been more of a seed planter than a closer. Thank you Dawn. And God bless you as always

.PS I saw the * thank you – done and done my friend.


Martha Orlando October 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Just, wow! Joe said, “It’s not about me.”
God sent you, Sara sent you, Joe needs you.
You were there for Joe because you were and are supposed to be. How wondrous are the works and graces of our Lord!

Please forgive for getting behind on following your posts, Craig; I’m about to head for the one from today to be blessed, once again, by your reflections . . .

God bless always!


Craig October 8, 2011 at 9:00 am

Martha, my jaw dropped when he said those words – God’s timing is incredible. No? You actually put it much nicer than me – “How wondrous are the works and graces of our Lord!” Martha, thank you, as always, and God bless you!


Debbie October 8, 2011 at 2:00 am

So thankful for you being there, for Joe being there. I read backwards because I was behind, so I know what’s coming. Still there you were and what you shared in that moment made an impact, I’m sure. God bless you in this moment, at this time.


Craig October 12, 2011 at 6:18 am

oh my gosh – I can’t believe I’m this late in replying to your comment. Debbie! Sorry. My blogs were down yesterday for most of the day – so I’d like to blame that – but seriously – no excuse! Sorry. And now that I think of it – if you’ve been reading backwards – I may have already commented on your “future” comments .ツ bottom line is that I think having a ready to shoot from the hip elevator pitch for God could be a very useful thing. God bless you Debbie!


Nacole October 10, 2011 at 11:49 pm

i read both parts–this has been very intriguing to read, challenging, and unsettling. unsettling and challenging, because im very isolated, and am at home most of the time, so i do not get to see people face to face that much, and the people that i do see face to face, i do not feel that i am making much of an impact on them for the kingdom. i am so caught up in my mothering of my four girls–wow, what an overwhelming job. and i can get so caught up in my race for sanctification and to finish strong, to keep getting back up when life knocks me down, and my family down, that sometimes, i feel that what i am doing outside of myself and these four walls hardly amounts to anything at all.

this has given me something to chew on and reflect upon.

i have to trust that God has me in front of the people that He wants me in front of–and in this season, those people are little people. i just wonder if i could do more for Him when i AM faced with people who are not little people?

praying for you about this encounter. Craig, God has placed His heart in you, that you would care so deeply for one person that you do not even know. His spirit is strong in you. in our weakness… i believe that God used you mightily in this man’s life–even though you may not see it right now. we have to trust–it’s what faith’s all about.

blessings in His grace, friend,



Craig October 12, 2011 at 6:23 am

first of all, my friend, my sister, what you are doing inside of those four walls, amounts to nothing less than a big bucket full of amazing. Don’t ever – EVER – discount that. It is the most important job any of us could ever have! And I know how hard you have to fight the downs – and that makes it that much more impressive! I think – as a result of this – that my conclusion is that we should have a little “elevator pitch” at the ready for these occasions. And maybe we should practice it every once in a while so that it’s sharp. It’s not us that does the saving – it’s not our words – but I think as an ambassador for the King – well – at least I think that I need to be more prepared to give a short presentation. God does the saving. Blessings to you too my friend – and awesome – yes, I said that – awesome mama.


Nacole October 12, 2011 at 11:32 am

just–thank you. really, from the bottom of my heart, that compliment means so much. i needed to hear it today.

and i am right there with you–because im your “thinking friend”, i understand exactly what you mean by God does the saving–yes, He does. we only bow to Him like trees bow to tsunami waves crashing over them. but i get it–this can cause a lax stance and even a laziness or careless approach on our part…believing we have no part and its all gonna turn out how it turns out anyway. i believe there is a balance. we are supposed to work the fields and bring in the harvest, the fields are ripe for harvest, but the workers are few,and the hours are late. oh, that i could do more. but i have to be patient and take what He has given me to work with–and devotedly steward and serve His gifts to me. i so agree with everything you’ve written–we have a great responsibility–to proclaim the greatness of His gospel of grace and to bring fame to His great name, not shove off our responsibilities by throwing a general blanket of “trust in Jesus and you’re going to Heaven” careless speech, but that we follow His example and disciple. if all we bring into the kingdom is one person by discipling them well, investing all of our time, then we will never know the great seeds that we have sewn and we have attended to the highest calling–the very ministry of our Savior. Our Lord discipled twelve–just twelve men in the whole world–and He moved quickly and covered a lot of ground, because He knew the importance of what He was doing–but think of the ground he could have covered and the masses he could have saved, if he had not given his life to those twelve and concentrated soley on numbers. he was not concerned with numbers. he literally poured himself into their hearts, with blood, sweat and tears, so that when he left, they would make such a mark on the world, that all nations would hear the gospel. and guess what? almost all have heard–starting with twelve men–twelve men with His gospel seared upon their hearts. isnt that beautiful? hmmm….you bring such stuff out of me, Craig. how do you do it?! 😉 i think i am going to write a post on this. stuff jumbles and rolls around in my brain all the time, but i cant find focus enough to write it down–somehow, in talking to you, i have found a clear direction on what i have to say. and i would love for you to expound on this more…because my heart tells me you have a lot more in that head and heart of your’s than you let on. i will look forward to reading!

blessings in His grace,



Craig October 12, 2011 at 4:24 pm

I’m just sitting here basking in the glow – and beaming with happiness – it seems like I’ve been sitting across the table talking to you all day long – and it’s been good for my heart – and my spirit. Your words – even in comment – are eloquent – I heart them. And nothing much more to say here – just like I’d probably have nothing to say, if I were sitting across from you at the table – I just sit and listen, and listen, and listen. God bless you my friend, my sister.


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