In which there’s a dark, dark dream (pt 2)

by Craig on November 3, 2011

What about sharing the gospel with people you don't want to?source

And I dreamt a dream…
because I know I should share the gospel with someone…
but I don’t want to.

Part one of the dream was yesterday, and as I dreamt it, it wasn’t scary, but as I read it after posting – it was every bit horrific and more than just a little frightful.

And so… part two – after the beast is somewhat more tame…

I’ve shared the gospel and I ask how he feels.

I’m prepared to explain that it might not take “feel” any different at all – that he can’t go by feelings.

But he bellows, stands taller with each word. “I feel strong…released…excited…powerful!”

The blood erases itself from the ground…and his hands.

It is really that quick and complete – God’s forgiveness.

But there’s something wrong.
I don’t hear any remorse or contrition.

Then he heads directly into the city – and not to the bright lights…

What about sharing the gospel with people you don't want to?source

but the unlit parts…the baser parts, the low minded and dishonest and fallen parts.

And I have to trail him because he’s my responsibility now.

And we’re in a club.
And I follow him from person to person.

At first the people aren’t that bad. They’ve just had it hard, made wrong decisions. Who am I to judge? But at that level, among the people with some obvious redemptive value, that’s not where he stays. He spins deeper and deeper in, and places his arms around more wretched, reprehensible, and reprobate ones every minute.

It’s all the wayward direction…
he’s got the gospel all wrong…
and it’s all my fault.

Soon I can’t keep up with his descending into the darkness. Some people are quicker in the night than others. I lose sight of him. But I can trace his path. It’s like a runaway car with a crazed driver. You can see the carnage left behind by the careless turns and crashes. And there are so many to take care of. There’s bleeding to stop, and hearts to mend, and damage to be undone.

But I unleashed him.
I set him free from his chains.
It’s my responsibility.

But soon I run out of innocent victims and into those bent on the most violent of revenge.

What about sharing the gospel with people you don't want to?source

They know I’m related and so have no problem exacting that revenge on me.

So now I have to fight.
I don’t want to.
But they aren’t much for words…
and there’s battle after battle…
confrontation and melee and I’m trapped in war.

War is ugly. How does a soldier do it? If you don’t capture you become captive. If you don’t attack you get attacked. It you don’t kill – you die. It was only a dream. I’ve never been to war. But I now know a sliver of it…


What does this have to do with Scripture?

What’s it got to do with sharing the gospel?

It’s just a dream, dreams aren’t real – and they aren’t the Bible…

but there’s something in this dream for me to learn…

I just know it…

and there’s more…

please come back.

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Cora November 3, 2011 at 12:22 pm

You fixed it, Craig! I can finally leave a comment.

Dreams! The trouble with dreams is that we can’t change the subject or push them away like we can with wide-awake, conscious thoughts. They are just there and do their thing. And we are forced to watch the reruns over and over and over. Not a pleasant thing when it’s a nightmare and involves things we don’t like. Dreams are so confronting and not afraid at all to risk being in your face. And then they leave as fast as they came, leaving you with all this . . .
mess to clean up. What to do????? Do you sweep it under the rug until it decides to replay again for free? Do we dismiss it as “only a dream.” Or do we face the reality of what it is — that good term, “unresolved issues.” I have a feeling we are resolving things here. . . . and that’s a good thing!


Craig November 3, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Cora, I kept reading, and reading, and reading your comment – and kept waiting for an answer because you posed so many questions – and in the end – there it was. I don’t know if I’m resolving anything – but I’m certainly thinking. and it is entertaining to write – and hopefully to read. So thank you my friend, and God bless you!

And thank you for helping me out to –grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Bill Gates!


Martha Orlando November 4, 2011 at 6:52 am

When I read this, it made me think: We are not just supposed to love God with our hearts, our feelings, but with mind, soul, and strength, too. Getting just part of the picture doesn’t cut it. We could too easily don the attitude of “okay, I’m forgiven, so it doesn’t matter what wrong I do; Jesus will just forgive me all over again”.
Paul addressed this very subject in one of his letters. Darned if I can remember which one – I’m good at recalling words and ideas from scripture, but chapters and verse numbers elude me.
Great post as always, Craig. I’m looking forward to the sequel!
May God bless you!


Craig November 6, 2011 at 10:35 am

first, sorry I’m replying so late Martha, I’m battling a little bit of sick. And second – boy, did you read well into the dream – hidden in all the drama is just what you’re speaking about. And I’m like you – I remember the ideas – not necessarily the Scripture numbers – Google makes it easier to come up with Scripture numbers than ever before. Watch, I’ll sound smart right here

“Martha the verse that you are looking for is ROmans 6:1”

See – sounds like I knew exactly where it was doesn’t it? But I just googled – “where sin abounds, grace – and then Google finished it for me – and found my verse. God bless those people who can quote the verses – I’m not one of them. God bless you, Martha!


Debbie November 4, 2011 at 11:05 pm

This would make a good movie. :) Do you do any screen writing? God bless you as you retell this dream.


Craig November 5, 2011 at 6:57 am

do I do any screenwriting? No I don’t. And as I read this myself – after having written it – I look back on it and with humility think – Gosh this is dramatic! Being published, in magazines, and by book publishers – it’s not for lack of effort – I have tried – just never got the right thing before the right person at the right time. Came awfully close a few times – and been published a few times as well – but nothing ever took off. This earthly life is many times about opportunities – opportunities missed – opportunities made – “chance meetings” – or breaks – life has never been really good at handing out the “breaks”. And I’m okay with that – because the biggest break that anyone could ever need – that’s been handed to me – I could’ve gone through life without knowing the Lord of the universe – and I really – honestly – will take that over any fame and/or fortune. That hymn, “I’d rather have Jesus”. I remember singing it the first time and knowing it was MY hymn – still kind of is. God bless you Debbie


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