In which there is “bracketology”

by Craig on March 21, 2012

If you click the picture it gets bigger and easier to read (◕‿◕)

Yup. Them are my brackets!

I’d really heart if you clicked on the picture, saved it, and filled them out to get to your Final Four. It’ll be fun. I promise. And then tell me the results from your brackets. Pleeeeeeez! :)

Now…a little “bracketology”.

Oh, and this is part two of my March Madness series. Part one is here, it’s calling your name. (◔‿◔)


I tried to keep the same authors from competing against each other in the first round, but then there’s Paul – quite the biblical chatterbox. The “selection committee” (me, me, me, and also me) did what they could.

Then there were the interesting numerical combinations like the number 3 seed against the number 14 seed in the Midwest regional…

…(12:1 versus 1:12) – that’s kinda neat.

My Hebrew professor in Seminary was very keen on the fact that 80% of the Bible is the Old Testament. But the New Testament has lots more teams in the tourney. It’s like the New Testament writers figured out the value of a good sound bite – fewer “begats” and what not.

Then there’s the interesting case of the East regional 3 seed versus the 14 seed…

…the 14th seed actually has two versus because they kind of have to go together.

And in the NCAA tournament “Cinderella” stories always happen. The early favorite for the “Cinderella” team this year is the number 15 seed in the South Regional.

The 2 seed is classic but vulnerable – and the 15 seed has a little punch. It could surprise.

There’s a saying in sports…
“That’s why you play the game”.
You just never know until the game is over.

Another interesting matchup?
The 2 vs 15 seed in the East regional…

An OT verse against a verse from the NT book of Hebrews…
Hebrews being…well…pretty Hebrew-ish, you know? (ツ)

And look at that first round matchup in the South regional! The number one seed in the whole tournament against the lowest tournament seed…which just happens to be the very. next. verse. (3:16 vs 3:17)…and it just fell that way.

When I was all done placing the seeds I noticed the brackets still needed tweaking.

Since there were so few Old Testament verses for instance, I made it so no OT verse faced another one in the first round. For instance, in the South regional I originally had the number 2 seed (Gen 1:1) going against the number 15 seed (Ps 37:4). So I switched it out with the 15 seed from the Midwest bracket Philippians 1:6. It just seemed fair

Oh, and a quick factoid before I go.

In the history of the NCAA tournament a number 16 seed has never beaten a number one seed. There’s a reason for that. The number one seeds are powerhouses. The 16 seeds barely squeeked in.


“That’s why they play the game”.

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Katie March 21, 2012 at 10:28 am

So what do we do? Just tell you which ones we like? I don’t have clue as how to do this.


Craig March 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

You just work your way through – take each game between the two verses – you’ll have to look some up and that’s fine – I had to as well – then pick a winner between each pair and move them to the next open spot on the bracket. After the first round there will be 32 left – after the second 16, the third 8, then 4, then 2 – then the winner. Make sense? If not let me know and I’ll explain better. God bless you Katie!!


Katie March 21, 2012 at 11:23 am

Thank you. This will give me something else to focus on right now.


Katie March 21, 2012 at 11:24 am

Since i don’t have a printer, I have written it all out by hand in my notebook.


Craig March 21, 2012 at 11:36 am

I think you get treasure in heaven for that :)


Jerry Russell February 24, 2016 at 2:44 pm

This is really good! Can’t wait to try it…do you have a bracket with bible characters?


Craig February 25, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Jerry, Thank you. I don’t have one with characters but that would be fun too. And you visiting reminded me that I never finished my own tournament. I’ll have to do that – or at least do an abridged version to figure out my winner. Thank you for visiting. I haven’t blogged in a while, mind if I ask you how you found your way to this post? God bless and keep.


Jerry Russell March 1, 2016 at 9:51 am

Hello Craig…I got the idea to do a Bible-Based March Madness for our men’s group at church for fun and discussion (since most of the guys like sports) but also to spur even more interest in God/spiritual matters. I thought this would also motivate us to walk closer with God after reading the verses and/or thinking about/reading about the Bible characters (I think I’m going to also create an all men from the Bible March Madness – 64 men of the Bible). I googled “March Madness Bible Brackets” and your site came up.


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