In which there is a last minute tournament adjustment

by Craig on April 12, 2012

The last tournament matchup made me think.
It was the “winning” verse…

(#11) John 11:2 “…I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live…”

and one word in it…


What got me thinking was how our Bible is so interconnected and a verse should never be taken out of context if messes with the meaning of the verse – or if the verse needs more Bible to interpret it correctly.

Two things in this verse are clear…
Jesus holds power over death…
if we “believe in him” we’ll live beyond death.

What’s not clear is exactly what “believing” is.

It’s more than just acknowledging that Jesus is God and is the sacrifice for our sins – even the demons believe that (James 2:19).

So I have to make a change to the tournament and include another verse…

Here’s the official tournament press release:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                    Contact Bible Verse Tournament Director


The #15 seed in the Midwest Regional Bracket (team Psalm 37:4) has contracted measles. For safety and health reasons it has been decided to remove the team from the tournament.

The new #15 seed is James 2:20, “…faith without works is dead”.

We realize that this may be a controversial choice as Martin Luther declared the Letter of James to be a “letter of straw”.

The letter was written to Jewish Christians throughout the Roman Empire. The “book” of the Bible has only has five chapters, and it already had two entries in the tournament. Those first two have already suffered 1st round losses.

For further information contact one of the Mary’s in the Tournament P.R. department.


The updated bracket now looks like…

Clicking on it makes it bigger and easier to read ツ


I’ve made it the number 15 seed to place it against a heavyweight verse for its first round match.

That’s my story…
And I’m stickin’to it.

The tournament continues…

Oh, and a P.S. from Laska the Love Kitty

Kreg iz not havingz of feelingz of gud. Yesturday he preepayrd foor “colunoskupy” tuday. He is gowing tu “colunoskupy” at 10 o clok. He haz spent menee tymz on his magic chayre with watur in it that goze in sirkelz. He did not ansur anee comentz yesterday and he may not tuday – bucuz he iz not havingz of nowingz how “colunoskupy” will be maykingz him tu feel.

I du not no wat iz “colunoskupy” – but I no I doent want. not if it iz havingz of meeningz that I hav tu hav so menee tymz in my box with majic sand. He did not hav gud sleepingz tu. He iz having of feelingz of veree bad an he howpz u unerstan.

Thaynk u

laska the luv kitee

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Cora April 12, 2012 at 12:31 pm

I can’t help it —– I’m just cracking up here. Having just gone through the colonoscopy nightmare, I totally agree with Laska! Buster agrees, too! Many many trips to the magic chair!!!! I do know one thing, though, —– probably the best sleep you ever had while getting that colonoscopy done! Even I had to ask what that stuff was that knocked me out in 2 seconds and let me sleep like that, and where could I get some.

I need some clarification here: Did you knock the measle carrying verse out because the meaning of “believe” was not clear in the verse, weakening it’s power to win? Maybe if they wore shirts with the verse from the Amplified version would give it more strength and more of a chance! I still like that verse and sad to see it go with such a . . . . illness! Hmmmmmm. . . . .


Craig April 12, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Cora, I just got back from the colonoscopy – everything is lovely and wonderful and clear – and you’re absolutely right, BEST SLEEP EVER. My brother, the paramedic, tells me that the stuff they put you under with is the stuff Michael Jackson was taking – unmonitored. So apparently it’s really good to have – but you need someone there to monitor while you’re on it – so you and I are both out of luck – unless we get a full-time nurse watch us while we sleep – and that’s a little weird. But even once a week – I might opt for that. Seriously, I’ll take that kind of sleep any day of the week. And the Psalm’s verse, it’s gone – that’s kind of sad – but between you and me it was going to get wiped out in the first round – the James verse has much more of a chance of to pull off the upset. I put the verse in because it’s super important – in our Protestant Christian world there are some denominations that put too much emphasis on the works and not enough on the faith – and there are others but put too much emphasis on the faith and not enough on the works – and both are clearly there in Scripture – daisies are important – right? Anyway, measles is a short-term thing – and there’s always next year. Yours is the first comment I’ve been able to reply to since the day before yesterday – so I got a little chatty – hope you don’t mind. Now to reply to the rest from yesterday. God bless and keep you my friend!


Katie April 12, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Now hold on a minute… changing the verses….WHAT??? I have to do it all over again?

****shakes head****

(totally kidding here)

Hope you feel better soon Craig!!

It doesn’t change my outcome the verse you picked would not have made it out of the first round for me because I really heart Ro. 12:12. So the new verse did not make it out of the first round with me anyway.

By the way — God showed up BIG TIME this week!!!!!!!!

Through generous gifts from others — God provided enough for Matt and I to pay our bills this week!!!!!!! I had been denied unemployment because I worked for non-profit and they did not have to pay into unemployment. So for three weeks without unemployment or a job, we did not know how we were going to pay our bills this week.

AND — I have been hired part time at Walmart – for much less pay than I had at the job I was fired from. BUT it is MUCH MUCH better than no income at all. So I will soon be working again, just not in the field I love.


A. April 13, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Katie, that is so Huge that God showed up for you and Matt!!!!! I am so glad! So…praying gratitude for Walmart job and hoping/praying for the next job after that, already, that will hopefully pay what you need and be in a field you love.


Craig April 15, 2012 at 8:39 am

Katie, really happy for some employment. Sorry for the teamwide measles outbreak – these things happen :) Happy it didn’t mess up your brackets!! I really heart James, and heart this verse, so I’m predicting an upset in mine – won’t know till gametime though. God bless.


A. April 13, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Cora and Craig…laughing at your conversation here! (And I KNOW that lack of sleep is no laughing matter!) Glad, Craig, that your adventures in Scope Land are over. Wish you could continue to have the sleep benefits.

Continuing deep, here, I heart that awesome ‘Easter-y’ pose of Laska! Laska looks so regal!


Craig April 15, 2012 at 8:35 am

Ugh!!! those adventured in “Scopeland” – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – the day before, the day of, the two days after – dr. says don’t need to do it for 5 more years, GOOD!! And Laska DOES take good pictures! Much better than me. The zoom on my humble little point and shoot is great for these “tree”shots. God bless!!


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