In which there is spiritual mind bendy-ness

by Craig on April 28, 2012

All these pics are from an amazing garden in Scotland - and all taken by "Paulus Maximus"


Here’s a little crazy, mind bendy, theological speculation.

I have two verses competing against each other in my Best Bible Verse Ever Tournament and they are curiously and compellingly connected.

This is NOT from the Garden - it's just my East Regional Bracket of the Tourney ツ

#7 (1 Peter 5:7) Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


#10 (2 Corinthians 5:21) God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

One of the things that amazes me about this Best Ever Bible Verse Tournament is the interconnectedness of all of our biblical authors, whether separated by five years and a hundred miles…or a thousand years and a thousand miles.

And the connection of these two verses is an uber mind bendy, probably “too smart for myself”, time and space thing.

It began with a simple thought.

When the psalm that Peter quoted in 2 Pet 5:7 (PS 55:23) was written…
the emphasis was on God’s protection not so much on his “care”…
because they didn’t get God’s “care” the way we get it now.

Then it got just the tiniest smidge bendy.

Technically, at the time David wrote Psalm 55, there was nobody righteous at all.
Everybody had sin, Our Lord’s sacrifice had not yet ushered in Grace, so nobody was righteous.
Nowadays there are lots of undeserving righteous people running around because of grace!

Then the mind bendy-ness began in earnest.

I wondered…

what does it mean that God forgave all sin…past, present, and future…on the Cross.

From a personal standpoint I wonder…
since I accepted the Grace of Our Lord at age 25…
and he forgave all of my sins past present and future…
does it mean that when I was 15, and didn’t know Our Lord yet…
I was covered by grace already…

because God’s forgiveness blasted right through time and space?

I know, mind bendy!

And it gets even more mind bendy.

What about David, and every Old Testament believer?

I have a theory that anyone not having the chance to hear and respond to the gospel in this life gets a chance to hear and respond to it before any final judgment.

It’s a complicated theory.

It involves 1 Peter 3:18…
and Sheol…
and Noah…
and Jesus…
and preaching the gospel…
during the three days he was gone.

I’ll blog about it sometime.

It’s pretty mind bendy too.


The question is…

were OT believers…
who didn’t know of the Savior while they lived…
because the Savior wasn’t born yet…
still covered under grace…
like 15 year old me…
because of my decision at age 25?

But they didn’t know it.

But God did.

And thus David’s emphasis on God’s “protection” and Peter’s emphasis on God’s “care”.

Now, I don’t speak from Sinai.

This is just a theory.

And although I don’t think so…

it could be wrong.

I’m just sayin’.

So maybe…

pretend you never read this and just have a nice day  ツ

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Cora April 28, 2012 at 1:02 pm

I’m not sure I get the “care” and “protection” difference. One (care) might have more of an inference of parental love, tenderness, etc., where the other (protection) sounds a little cold, like a soldier or guard on duty, but no love or devotion involved. I went to Sunday School all my life, and most of the lessons in the junior and senior high school years were spent in what I thought of as the “boring Old Testament.” The point of the whole thing seemed to be to teach of that God DID care deeply about His people. Isaiah seems to show very deep caring —- passages that we still hang on to for dear life.

I do understand the confusion and awe of what God did for us, past, present, and future. It’s mind boggling! To understand the mind of God, it’s dimension of being in the past, present, and future all at the same time, and seeing little old ME before the foundations of the world, at the time of Adam and Eve’s sin, at the cross, at my birth, at my death, all at the same time. . . . . well, NONE of us will ever comprehend that! Not sure I want to. But if all what you say here is true, those of us who heard the Gospel message from the cradle roll on —– we have a tremendous responsiblity, don’t we? I feel guilty for having sluffed it off and taken so much for granted. I, for one, know I will be very surprised at who is there and who is not when I reach Heaven’s gates. I remember that song about reaching Heaven and being asked how he could let me enter. The answer in the song says, “I come by the merits of Jesus, and the doors swung open wide.” When I heard that song, I thought, “I have to remember that so I have the right answer when I get there.” So much to think about here, Craig. I won’t be bored this afternoon!


Craig April 28, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Cora, it just seems to me that there is so much in the Old Testament, of God’s love… but at a distance. When there were prayers they were of the “if you hear me Lord” kind of prayers – even with David. Sure there was closeness and intimacy from God’s end – but maybe the people of the time couldn’t have really understood a God who loves as completely as God loves – his revelation is progressive through time – they knew – then when our Lord came we knew better – and one day we’ll know so much more. Progressive. it’s such a subtle difference in these two verses – from the Psalms – and from Peter – that’s what stood out to me – a simpler understanding of God versus a more complete understanding. It doesn’t take “care” in order to protect – although “care” WILL protect. I think they knew the God who loves – but they never called him “Abba”, they never called him MY father – he was the father of them all – but it wasn’t as personal as it is for us, now. There is love – and then there is LOVE – does that make sense?

by the way, I read your comment – at least the beginning of it, then walked away to think about a response – then I came back and wrote my response – and now looking back at your comment – I find my response is pretty much what you said in your comment. Seriously, how people from such different theological backgrounds can end up in the same place as often as we do – I heart that! Anyway, Happy “pondering the depths of God” Saturday my friend, and God bless!


Martha Orlando April 29, 2012 at 4:34 pm

When I read the psalms attributed to David, I get a real sense of a personal relationship with God, one in which David certainly knows his place before the Lord, but with an intimate connection which heralds the coming of the One who will remove all barriers, once and forever.
Yes, you have bendy-twisted my mind (the photos are perfect!), but in such a good, inspiring way.
And, with God, nothing is impossible so, grace at 15? Saving of those who lived before Christ’s coming? I think so. :)
Blessings to you, Craig, and thank you for another amazing and thought-provoking post!


Craig May 1, 2012 at 7:29 pm

I think David had some idea of “personal” but not like we do. There are so many prayers of David that are of the “if you care about me then…” variety. Just a feeling – not a big thing. And thank you for noticing the pictures – I really heart finding the perfect pictures. Made me smile ツYou are really kind – thanks


A. April 30, 2012 at 10:07 pm

This post goes where I have been going lately…and really causin’ the ol’ brain to smoke! I wonder, REALLY wonder how much and what we are missing that should somehow be clear to us and if it were clear, how would it transform our lives? And I don’t know how to know. I can go back to scripture and back to sitting at His feet and ask and wait. And you help, here.

I completely HEART your pictures!!!! I love architectural/landscape pictures and you have them here. I would love to be in some of those places! Again, I am appreciating your gift for pictures.


Craig May 1, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Yup – I share your feeling A. – if we ONLY knew…if we only knew. And knowing isn’t enough – feeling it, being it, living it – after the KNOWING the real work begins. No? And I heart this garden – it WAS perfect for this post. The picture thin isn’t so much a gift – just a desire to look and look and look and look till I find. God bless you A.


Katie May 1, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Just my opinion………….

Yes those who came before Jesus were covered under GRACE. How else could David be a man after God’s own heart when he was a murder and stole the wife of someone else? How else could a sacrifice have shown up for Abraham when asked to sacrifice his son? OT grace points to NT grace of Jesus. It is all about God’s love and grace from start to finish.


Craig May 1, 2012 at 7:38 pm

Katie – I get what you’ve written Katie – and this is all just MY opinion too – it’s fun stuff to think about – stretch our spiritual brain – and room for all good biblical opinions – mine AND yours. I heart your reasoning ツ God bless!!


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