In which are “eternity touching time” thank you’s to God

by Craig on September 23, 2012

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love


There is life. There is death. There is life.
This week, last year, eternity touched time.
I don’t want sands of time bury the memory.

So this is what I wrote on Deep into Love one year ago.


Sara is what I think about most, and best, right now.

Jessica, her friend wrote…

And yesterday, when hospice came, she was consumed with making sure people in her life knew they were loved and that she was ready to be at home in heaven.
She refused the rest her body needed.
just loved and loved and loved.

And Robin wrote…

Sara realized this week her death was imminent; on Tuesday she admitted through a heartbreaking-to-me-text that she felt different, that she thought it would happen soon.  And she was ready.
She’s worried about us and how her death will affect those who know and care about her!
She’s not fearful.  She is ready.  She wants you to know Christ.

Outside, leaves trickle from branches loosing their grip…

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love
one by one they’ll pile up…

already they sprinkle the ground in lonely little puddles of color…

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love

and soon…
too soon…
they’ll cover the ground altogether.

Time will cover this moment like leaves…and it should.

Sara will be in the hands of the Father.
We will remain here…for whisper of time…
along with the two words that are her legacy.

Just. Two. Words.

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love

And I don’t want those words covered up.

And crickets are singing loud this morning before dawn, they’ve been silent lately.

Why now the chorus?

Anyway, it’s time for some thank you’s to God.

But how can I say thank you…as my heart splinters…and shatters?

I scrape the bottom of the jar, seeking just a bit of gold…

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love

and it’s still peanut butter, it still goes good with jelly.
Remnants of peanut butter, by any other name…
are still thank you’s.

Thank you God…

#553for Sara: bravery, hope, faith, and love –  painted in soft pastel watercolors on the canvas of her life.

#554that even though I’m not in Sara’s circles, and I only know her by words, I’m related by blood. All who love You are related by blood.

#555for these tears, these oh so many tears, that just. won’t. stop. You know what to do with them all.

#556for teaching me not to look away, teaching me, Lord, to feel the jagged edges in someone else’s life, like shards of glass under my own feet. I hate that. I heart that.

#557that You were like this, You are like this – and I’m just this tiniest smidge more like You now.

#558because if You didn’t lead me to blog, I wouldn’t even know of Sara – You tugged me right toward her words, absolutely full of awesome – and love.

#559for Sara’s words to Ann about that ring, “purposefully hammered and bent, the way I often felt — the way you are feeling — but it is beautiful and perfect in its imperfections.” (tears)

#560For Ann’s baby speaking wisdom so perfect for this moment, “Mama? That whole song? It’s played on the black notes.

#561For Ann’s soul words that play harmony to that melody, “The black notes can make music too. The black notes can choose joy too.”

I had so little peanut butter.  Ann gave me more.

And I’m thankful for that as well. We’ll make that #562.

Here are all of this month’s Sara posts.
You might heart them as much as I.

In which it’s the small things
Love remembers when eternity touches time
In which sorrow submerges joy
Love prays peace, courage, faith, and knowing

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Martha Orlando September 23, 2012 at 2:29 pm

A perfect litany of thank yous, Craig . . . I especially heart #554. I so wish more Christians would live this one out.
In life and in death, Sara continues to be a blessing to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about her. Were all friends remembered with such love.
Blessings to you!


Craig September 25, 2012 at 11:02 am

it is nice isn’t it, Martha, I have never met you, maybe I never will, only our words have crossed paths – but still, you’re my sister, and I’m your brother, and we are family. Blessings to you! Choose joy!


jerly September 24, 2012 at 5:32 am

Thanks for ur visit and words for me:) It will definitely take time to heal…but all this pass and the pain too will even if in a long long tell; till then grieve all u wish with freedom


Craig September 25, 2012 at 11:04 am

Jerly, all of this was written last year, when it happened. Now is the time for remembering the lessons, and remembering her faith and hope and love. The darkness always gives way to the dawn – that’s the way of things. The thing is – will we take the time to notice and enjoy the dawn. God bless and keep you. Choose joy!


jerly September 24, 2012 at 5:33 am

oops all THINGS pass (is what I meant)


A. September 27, 2012 at 12:52 am

The one that really shouts out to me and stops me in my tracks is ‘the black notes make music, too.” And ‘choose joy’, that is so Sara, isn’t it?

And it brings tears to see the same pictures and images in places that you used a year ago when you wrote about Sara. Because images speak to me so powerfully.


Craig September 27, 2012 at 9:24 am

A – the funny thing is that each post here, from last year, is from the other blog – with a different title. So there are different colors and a slightly different ambience surrounding the words. and of course there’s a little editing – because I can’t resist that. And each piece has to be changed a little because Deep into Scripture is different from Deep into Love – it always has been. And the reason why “the black notes” stood out – that’s because it was written by Ann Voskamp – her words always stick out. God bless you A. Choose joy!


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