In which death is not goodbye

by Craig on October 13, 2012

the end of life need not be goodbye - but adieux

this canvas, and all others on the page, were made by Sara

May I tell you about Sara’s funeral?

She planned the service to the last detail right up to the final song, “O Happy Day”. You could tell it was shaped by someone who understood she wasn’t dying, but about to live in a brilliantly different way.

From the moment I found out Sara was at the end of life…
I prayed all day, every day for her…for courage, faith, and peace.

She had boatloads of peace, faith and courage…
and the way she designed her funeral service was proof.

Sara had recorded some songs. A few were played at her funeral. To hear her voice singing was unsettling but beautiful…comforting…perfect. The first song was “My Soul Desire”…

“Lord I do not seek to claim the glory. I only wish to be under your control…

an empty vessel longing to be filled by You…”

That was her life.

Why do I so often forget that it is to be mine?

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love-funeral

For Sara’s final earthly outfit she chose a shirt that said…

“It’s not about me.”

The service was Catholic.
I’m not Catholic – just an off the rack Christian.
But the Catholic Mass is beautifully crafted.

Christian “religion“…handled with love…is humble devotion.

In every Mass there is a reading from the Old Testament…
one from the New Testament non-gospels…
and one from the Gospels.

The Old Testament reading, Isaiah 55, reset my heart…
tears of understanding and reverence were released…
and verses 9 and 12 broke me down and built me up.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
nor are your ways my ways…

Yes, in joy you shall go forth,
in peace you shall be brought home…

gitzngirl-Sara Frankle-choose joy-choosejoy-death-dying-1 cor 13 love-funeral

There is an eternal song that all of creation sings.

We each have our part.
There are no solos in the score.
Any solos are sad improvisation at best.

There is a tie between eternity and time…

time being created, just for us, by God.

We stand at that point of connection.

Love is the eternal bond.

Jesus is the only way.


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Martha Orlando October 13, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Craig, this was beautiful . . . we are attending my husband’s 40th high school reunion this weekend and there was a memorial service for those in the class who have gone to be with the Lord. The pastor who spoke referred to so many of the ideas, the truths, you have shared here about the passing from this created world to the eternal one, and that all happens in God’s time and in His love and grace. And, I am reminded . . . nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are with Him through our Lord Jesus for eternity.
Blessings to you always, my friend!


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