In which a bus can be repaired

November 20, 2012

The wheels have jettisoned off the bus. The bus has careened wildly off the road. For a while it hung precariously over the cliff… but now seems secure yet unsteady…in the mud. I’m almost convinced that I’ll be able to pick up driving the whole contraption again. But ever since those7 days with no sleep […]

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In which is a “So What?”

November 2, 2012

source “You believe. So what?” Then the skeptic added, “What would you say to that guy in the pew, only holding a place, not believing, just going through the motions? Like 90 % of those in churches? Would you tell him about heaven and hell?” I’ve been thinking about eternity, especially after writing so much […]

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In which are folding, choosing, remembering and smiling

October 30, 2012

source It’s a little thing… and I won’t stop doing it… because it’s like gobbling up little dots of happy. Only a handful of people even know I do it. And now you’ll know too. As a kid I didn’t want to do it. I hated it. I grumbled. Mom said it was the right way. I […]

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In which is what’s important to God

October 25, 2012

One Solitary Life was read at Sara’s funeral service. The words, at first undid me, then built me back up. This is part three of Sara’s funeral service, part one is here, two is here. As the words were read, I realized that in the eyes of the world my life has been an abject failure. I […]

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In which showing up is half the battle

October 21, 2012

My brain is a little broken. My dance with other reality has cost me all my money, too much time, too much emotion, taken my focus off of close and personal connection with God – and others. It has been a siren I tried to escape early, but couldn’t. Sirens wreck havoc. During those 7 days […]

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In which death is not goodbye

October 13, 2012

May I tell you about Sara’s funeral? She planned the service to the last detail right up to the final song, “O Happy Day”. You could tell it was shaped by someone who understood she wasn’t dying, but about to live in a brilliantly different way. From the moment I found out Sara was at […]

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In which the fire should not die out

October 10, 2012

source We moved from Brooklyn to St. Louis after fourth grade. I was never a boy scout, but a kid invited me along to a jamboree. It was city mouse…country mouse. The first night was cold drizzly rain and no dinner. The city mouse had forgotten to eat before leaving home. The city mouse’s mom […]

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In which is tapestry

October 7, 2012

source Sadness is slowly turning…only because of faith. Sara is dead. But she’s still alive. Sara has gone home. And I don’t want to forget the hope that she represented, the way she faced all the difficult and tragic, and harsh, and sad that the world threw at her… and how she confronted the end […]

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In which is steady, intent, trudging toward the Light

October 4, 2012

Sara now has a perfect resurrected body. And at first I didn’t know what I was, then I was inconsolably sad, and now I’m learning, I’m learning… something. source ♥✞ღ I posted this the day after Sara left this earth, this time last year, on Deep Into Love. I never want to forget what I […]

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In which is rain | and tears in season

October 2, 2012

source And now rain falls… soft, serene, soothing… everything overlaid with glisten and shimmer. ♥✞ღ It was a year ago that Sara left this earth. I don’t want to forget. So I’m remembering this, which I wrote on Deep into Love. ♥✞ღ And the sadness I feel for Sara… for Sara…dying… it ebbs, flows, like […]

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