In which we find the lost journals of St. Valentine (pt 2)

by Craig on February 11, 2011

Saint Valentine, Valentines dayI interrupt my study of James because I was smitten by inspiration. And so my heart poured out these words. Here is part two of my “Lost Journals of St. Valentine”. Part One is over on the twin site – Deep into Love. You kinda need part one. To go there – just click here.

June 14

There is no marriage says Claudius and there are more now than ever. There is no One True God who is love, says he. But love triumphs over the evil of men – even if they control legions of soldiers. They know of me now and will arrive forthwith.

I have asked of God, what to do when they come. I will allow them to enter. I will feed them and give them drink, and leave with them when they are done.

By love, will the decree of the one who blasphemes the God of love, be overturned.

For he is now surrounded by secret marriages – to his left and right. He is encircled by the bonds of the matrimony he has declared non existent. He is but one man. Love has grown – and he is captive.

July 14

Today they arrived. A document in hand. There shall be no more marriages in this place.

“Against the decree of Claudius has Valentine married scores. He is hereby arrested. And this subversive and illegal activity shall cease. He shall be herewith transported to Rome where he will face the punishment for this crime against the Empire.”

I leave in chains subject to the law of Rome, but I am only bound to one kingdom. The law of Love will break these chains. How? I do not know. But I am told that I will one day be free.

The streets were lined today with faces I know. The invisible bonds of marriage surround me every mile of the journey to Rome. Where there is marriage there is love. Where there is love there is freedom. Where there is freedom to love there is God.

I may be silenced. Our Lord cannot be.

August 14

At first I was imprisoned with others. But they have since given me a place of my own. The cell is dark and damp. Daily the Emperor seeks audience.

“I can use a man like you. The people admire you. How does it matter which god you serve? I’ll add yours to mine if you just worship the lights.”

“But there is only One God. Our Lord Jesus, Our Messiah who has set the world free of sin.”

His heart is cold. He is a measured man and has no interest in truth.

“I shall stamp out your love Valentine! You will no longer defy me. Join me or remain here. Join me, and maybe you can carry on. I may allow dispensation for you alone to continue your work. Just bow before the gods. We are men of intellect, surely we can reach agreement.”

But there is no love in this man, only ambition. He will squash love from the Empire. What allegiance can I have with Satan and still ally with God.

September 14

The air is colder. I am deprived more and more of food. He sends only his court now to convince me that there is no One True God.

They debate me on patience and kindness and forgiveness.

I am forgetting much of how to give reason for that which I believe. Faith is difficult. Hope is vanishing. But love will remain.

There is one visitor though. She comes in the dark of night. I hear her steps but she carries no torch.  There is a whispered conversation, and the rattle of swords, and the scuffle of boots as they exit – and they bring their torches with them. And without them there is only pitch.

The door opens in the darkness and there is food and wine.

I cannot see her for the lack of light. As I eat, she asks if she may touch my face. How can I deny? She outlines my features with her hands. There is a gentleness of voice and spirit. And she is the only one who does not deny me my faith.

We speak of love and she brings pieces of it to me – righteousness and humility – endurance and thankfulness. She says she knows of the One God. And soon she leaves – no light to guide her steps. Yet she does not stumble. She promises to return.

Then torches come back and guards take their place again. How can she see with no light? Is she woman or angel?

I only know this.

My heart beats again.


God Bless

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Debbie February 11, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Beautiful story! Craig . . .that this just comes out of you? I’m thinking (praying) it is only a matter of time until you are more “published”, more wide read, and I’ll be going to the library and finding your books on the shelves . Or where they should be, only there is a waiting list. :) God bless you and all He pours in and out of you.


Craig February 11, 2011 at 9:17 pm

Well the bones are there – the facts – I just skate around them and through them – facts so far: the decree, that he married people by invitation, that he was imprisoned, that he did have a visitor. The rest just kind of came out :)

I pray along with you Deb – I know I’d like that too. But I’ll just dot the i’s cross the t’s try to avoid angry bunnies, and want and pray for God’s Will – that has to be the prayer that I want what he wants and do my part – and find peace in his will.

But thank you for letting me know if I ever get a book published that I’ll have one person at my book signing :) God Bless


Anonymuss February 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

More than one, Criag. And speaking of books, yesterday, in the library, I saw a book on the shelf entitled “Its a Bunny Eat Bunny World” and thought of you immediately! :)
Craig, this story is new to me and so amazing! I am reading and learning and being inspired through dark times by the love you write about and that is available to each of us because of Him. I can’t wait to read the rest of what you have for us about St. Valentine!


Craig February 12, 2011 at 10:46 am

It was new to me too A. The inspiration hit and I just kept typing. I heart this lots. Happy you like it. God Bless.


Debbie February 12, 2011 at 12:46 pm

A . . .You finding the bunny book is so funny! haha! Even though I know it’s not really funny, Craig. But, what an appropriate title for what has happened! And, as someone keeping a bunny, more and more damage keeps happening! She is slowly but surely eating our house. ! eeekkk!


Craig February 12, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Bunnies – urg. It still makes me sad. :-(


Debra February 12, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Hi Craig,
When you’re smitten by inspiration what can you do but go with the creative flow: D

Claudius sounds like he could have stepped out of the today’s headlines. With marriage under fire and no” One True God”, our culture is certainly following his lead. What an archetype for the prevalent worldview:(

There are so many powerful thoughts and words within the text of this story, but this jumped out: “… there is no love in this man, only ambition…. What allegiance can I have with Satan and still ally with God?” Valentine is a perfect archetype of single-minded passion for love and truth.

~ Blessings,


Craig February 12, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Debra – thank you for your thoughtful reading. And you are right we are a lot like Rome towards its end – kingdoms rise and fall – time will tell.

Valentine is turning out to be quite the hero. No?


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