In which it is the end of Valentine…and the beginning of his holiday

by Craig on February 15, 2012


January 14, 270 A.D.

Every hour there is a pounding on the door…
Three words get shouted through…
“Deny your god.”

I respond now by reflex, “God is Love.”


This is the next to last chapter of the story of Valentine. About 15 minutes of reading will take you from beginning to this end. The ending is bitter – but dark chocolate-y sweet. Almost the entire story is on Deep into Love but writing it went a little longer than I planned – so two parts of it had to be placed here. In case you’d like to peak at any parts, or if you haven’t read the whole story, here…

The beginning
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My spirit is strong…my body is failing.
I am sustained by His love, and by the angel he sends to me every day.


Today I am dragged out of my cell. My eyes open but are blinded by the sunlight they haven’t seen for nearly a year. I am thrown to the ground. There is rustling, and a mob, and something hits me in the side.

A rock.

Then another, then one more. I block them with my hands until one lands on my forehead. I am dazed. And in this moment of inability come all of the others, pounding my flesh and bone since I have no defense.

If this is to be the end so be it.

Come Lord…come.

I cease all movement – because I cannot move.

And finally the rocks cease as well.
Rubble surrounds and covers me.
They prod me – check my breathing.

They have failed.

My body is carried back to the cell.
It no longer feels a part of me.
And this evening, as every evening…
my Asteria visits me again.

She fashions a pillow for my head.
She takes a strand of her hair and bows it around my finger…
and another on her own.

She takes a scarlet ribbon and wraps it around our wrists.

I understand, but cannot react.

Lastly, she removes a rose petal from the folds of her dress…
As she places it in my hands I find new strength…


I hold tight to it as to gold.

I try to speak…but she hushes me…
and I lay my head down again…
I cannot keep it raised.

This night she remains by my side, on the icy floor, until the dawn.

I wake from sleep before the rooster crows. One eye opens slightly, and for the first time I see the face of Asteria. It is the face I have known for months without once seeing. But I have seen her now. I smile.

It is both the first – and last time I see her.

When I wake again, she is gone, but the ringlet of hair that she placed on my finger, and the ribbon, and the rose petal, they remain.


And the story ends today over on Deep into Love…

think of it as “extendo-Valentine’s Day”

if you haven’t already, would you consider clicking here to go there…

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Sylvia February 15, 2012 at 10:16 am

I’m so glad you put all the links here. Now I can navigate easily to catch up. And I can also bookmark this to use the same set of links next year, at the beginning of February. I am starting a blogging calendar/planner reminding me of things I want to post or link to at appropriate times. This will be the first “to do” I scribble in for next year. :)

Now to finish off my reading of this wonderful story over my lunch! Thank you, Craig, and God bless. Get all well now.


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