In which we get to choose the animals in the Garden of Eden

by Craig on August 4, 2011


Two days ago came my anti-spider rant that rated coverage on both of my blogs. It began here, and ended here.

Yesterday I posted my biblical treatise whereby I declared there were no bugs in the Garden of Eden. (here)

And I got comments that made me smile.

Anna from Path of Treasure, wrote, “I’ve often wondered about the dreaded mosquitoes, too … and winter…”

First of all, mosquitoes are not allowed in my Garden of Eden.


Sorry mosquitos.

One word – bloodsucker! We will have no bloodsuckers in my Garden of Eden.

And, by the way, Kristin from Ponderings asked about ticks. Disgusting little creatures and I have two words for them – bloodsucker, and, parasite. There will be no parasites in my Garden of Eden either.

Concerning Winter – a lot of people heart winter. Winter is allowed in my Garden of Eden – but it’s kind of a “Swinter” from the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.


I seem to have forgotten how to embed a You tube video – so here’s the link
It’ll make you smile…
I’d only click it if you want to smile
If you don’t mind the title sequence start at the beginning…

If you want to skip the title sequence but get the full context begin at the 1:00 mark…

If you want the short version start at the 2:22 mark.

You’ll know when to end it.

And voila, the problem of winter solved – with a smile – Swinter is allowed in the Garden.

And Julie from One Penny Jumble Packet was worried about, “…currently carnivorous mammals, birds, or reptiles.

My answer…

In my family we say, “When you make the game – you make the rules”.
So I’m putting cats in the Garden of Eden because I heart cats…
and the pretty birds too…

but not crows because they’re ugly and they irritate me, or vultures – because, really, who hearts vultures? And Cora from Hidden Riches has issues with them. And some dogs. But they need the approval of Laska the love Kitty – who, by the way, grants entrance to the dogs of Dawn from Dschondog’s Blog.

And nobody hunts anybody in the Garden because lions will be laying with lambs and such.


Martha from Martha’s Daily Devotions brought up the dreaded cockroach. And they also are not allowed in my Garden of Eden.

Have I ever mentioned that I was born in Brooklyn,
before those brownstone apartments became the new hangout for the well-to-do crowd.
Back in the day rats used to roam the streets at night…
and steal hubcaps…
and rob tourists at the bus station…
and wear leather jackets…
and smoke.
And the cockroaches?
They’d terrorize cats and dogs by their sheer ginormous size.


no cockroaches in my Garden of Eden, and also no rats…
except maybe those white ones they do experiments on…
they deserve some saving…


and they have those cute pink eyes…
maybe those rats are okay.

And remember in my Garden of Eden…
the dogs don’t chase the cats…
and the cats don’t eat that rats…
and the rats don’t vandalize cars. T

So there…

My Garden of Eden inclusions and exclusions.

I know I’ve left a bunch out…

And we know how much I heart comments…

And the bug guy is coming to rescue me from the spiders today…
so I need a good laugh…

so what say you…

what’s in your Garden of Eden…

and what’s out?

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Anna @ path of treasure August 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

My kids enjoyed watching the cartoon, as soon as they heard it on the computer, my boys came running! We had a nice laugh! Oh, some nice cool thoughts on what has been a hot summer for many.

Ok, in my garden- no winter! not even Swinter! That’s my garden climate story, I’m sticking with it (until I find a better one, that is. :) I think, just maybe, after the Flood… the climate changed, seasons changed, hence severe winter, etc? don’t know, perhaps?

And also in my garden– no mosquitoes, no spiders, unless they were some kind of good type (read more below).

And– get this– in my garden– animals may have even– talked!! How else can a serpent speak to Eve? When the serpent spoke to Eve she didn’t seem startled that an animal spoke to her! She didn’t gasp and say, “EEEK! Adam, heeeeeelp! A serpent is speaking to me!” At least, we’re not told of that in scripture.

And since the serpent was told he’d have to crawl on his belly, well maybe he had some other mechanism for getting around before then (and maybe spiders and maybe mosquitoes also were somehow- changed, affected- by the fall?) Since the land was cursed, thistles grew… and Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden… well, since then we have been fighting weeds that crowd our plants and insects that bite us and damage crops. I have wondered– so many tales in literature include animals talking. Perhaps there is truth in the tales, perhaps we did converse, since Adam had dominion and named the animals.. perhaps there was some sort of communication. Or maybe I am just way off… entirely possible! :)

I’m no theologian. Just some thoughts, and a fun, amiable discussion, to learn and share about what-if.
Thanks for the smiles today!


Craig August 4, 2011 at 5:48 pm

wow – not even winter in your evening – you’re serious about winter! :-) and I’m glad to know that you’re with me on the mosquitoes and the spiders – and I have heard that about the times of Noah – and how maybe there was no rain before then. It could be. And I’m glad that you got a smile with your kids watching the video :-)

And were there talking animals in the Garden? We only know that the one talked – and the fact that HE talked wasn’t a surprise – so the jury is out on all of the other animals still. We’ll have to wait and see. But again, it is possible. I hearted your thoughts – thank you for sharing them all – and think YOU for the smiles today. God bless and keep you Anna.


shannon August 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm

hahah You’re awesome! :)
love it!
in my garden of Eden there’d be no creepy crawlies of any sort. Except maybe caterpillars because they become butterflies and I “heart” them.
As far as other animals…as long as they’re nice they can come :)



Craig August 4, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Shannon, thank you – thank you lots. And although in my writing I leave room for the possibility of some creepy crawlies – if they happen to be cartoon-ish, in my heart I know I think I’d rather not have them there at all. I’d even skip the caterpillars because they’re all rubbery and squishy – I’d skip straight to the butterflies. Thank you very much Shannon – and God bless you and yours.


Dawn August 4, 2011 at 3:19 pm


Definitely no scorpions or bedbugs. I had to take a hemostat with me at night when I took students to Belize so that if I saw one I could crunch it before it stung a student. My son just had an infestation of bedbugs in his son’s room. They think he got them from a pair of shoes they bought at a yard sale for him. He said the only thing that kills them is heat. He sent his family to her mother’s for the day and he cranked the heat up (in summer, no less) and could only get it to 98 degrees. He hopes it killed them. If not, they will try an exterminator. They burned all of my grandson’s bedroom furniture, pulled up his rug and fumigated.

I do not think I want any of that in my Eden. Shelly, Sebastian and Mickey will love being with Laska, but they insist they will not meow. If talking is allowed (as Anna suggests), they will do that. They already know how, they just prefer not to since, as they insinuate, “It all seems so pointless.”

Fun post, Craig. I hope the exterminator gets your spiders. Those brown recluses are BEASTS!

Take holy care of yourself and the cat,


Craig August 4, 2011 at 5:57 pm

scorpions? I’m with you Dawn – none of those. And bedbugs – more parasites! So none of those either. I hope your son has good luck with his situation. Laska is growing more comfortable with the idea of some dogs in heaven – as of right now he thinks there’s only going to be about eight of them there. We’ll see. Cats have clear “superiority issues” with dogs – I guess that would have to go. The exterminator came in, explained a lot, was uber professional, so I’m crossing my fingers – there will be NO brown recluse spiders in anybody’s Garden – except for Tom – the bug guy – he seems not to mind them so much. But then – he’s kinda the boss of them. God bless you and all of yours Dawn.


Martha Orlando August 4, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Loved the Brooklyn version of cockroaches! Yes, let us know how “Spider-Man” does in exterminating your pests!

Blessings! :)


Craig August 4, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Martha, them were some downright rugged cockroaches in Brooklyn – let me tell you! And I have confidence in what Tom (the bug guy) did – although he says it’s going to take a number of weeks – maybe more than a month to get rid of them all – because you just even though I just saw four – we don’t know how big their little “nest” is.Meh!!!! I don’t even like talking about it. But I will be sleeping in my bed again tonight for the first time in three nights – I’m looking forward to that. And thank you Martha, thank you very much, and blessings to you too.


bluecottonmemory August 4, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Maybe I am worn out with all the decision-making with my 101 boys, trying to make Solomon-decisions between he said-he said, he hit first-no he didn’t. I’ve read that God knows the desires of my heart – so I can’t wait for that house he’s gone to prepare for me. I think I’d rather walk through the gardenof Eden and be surprised, awed with eye-brown raising moments and heart laughter.I bet there will be winter – like we have here – but we won’t catch colds or get frostbite:) I do wonder if there will be cars like would, say, accidently run over a frog on a driveway – and then I wonder if the frog would die? HHhmmmmm.


Craig August 6, 2011 at 4:01 pm

first of all, Maryleigh, I apologize for being so late in replying to your comment – no excuses – just behind – sorry (⌣˛⌣).

And “Solomon like” decisions – a mama has to make those all day long. No? COncerning cars and frogs: I suspect strongly there were no cars in the garden of Eden. Then the garden of Eden is kind of what I think we get for eternity – no floating around on clouds – just a perfect place. In the perfect place I think there may be a better mode of transportation than cars – but if there our cars – they won’t run over frogs – if frogs are there – and I doubt that frogs will be there – because I don’t like frogs – and frogs aren’t allowed in my heaven. So upon further thought – there is no chance for a frog to get run over by a car in heaven – or the garden of Eden for that matter. Just sayin :) God bless you Maryleigh!


A. August 9, 2011 at 7:04 am

Craig, this is so late I know it qualifies for the Black Hole prize, but will leave my mark by saying I would have lady bugs be there and lemurs and other cute, fluffy, pointy-tufted eared creatures like linxes and bobcats and such as long as they had good table manners and ONLY ate vegetables.


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