In which a gospel letter is crafted

by Craig on November 29, 2011

Ok – it’s a little boring.


But to craft a gospel letter for someone we care about takes prep.  So stick with me ok?

First we show love.
Then ask questions and listen.
Then craft a one of a kind gospel letter…
and it’s kinda like doing a term paper.

The beginning of the writing had some preliminary steps, and then a “thesis”.

My “thesis”:

My mom had picked from different religions and kind of formed her own.
She knew the words of the gospel – but never accepted or rejected it.

That was where I had to meet her.

So next – an outline…
You know, like a doctor on Grey’s anatomy,
“Patient X presents blah blah and blah…”

My mom “presented” this way:

•    Iffy on life after death.
•    Believed Jesus to be a real person, and God, who died, and didn’t stay dead
•    Had little peace
•    Unclear on spiritual stuff
•    Knew and respected the Bible, but didn’t tie it into life
•    Didn’t understand what “saved” was
•    Wasn’t sure if she was “saved”
•    Knew all the jargon – but never stepped beyond it


how to start…


and from the “term paper” site I found is this…

Writing the first draft is like writing in water. You will probably revise it again and again. Knowing this, plunge ahead.

The first time through is just a rough draft.

There’s no pressure, no chance for a mistake.

The key to getting started – is getting started.

I like the idea of beginning with why this letter is so important – we don’t want to be without them.

Then, the term paper site said…

Begin with an anecdote that sets the stage

Something personal…
a story from a shared past…
a metaphor from a shared life.

For me it was the way my mom used to write letters when I was way off course – and she wanted to make sure that I got the point. And the metaphor had to do with what she thought was the most important thing in life –family – being a parent…


being a mom.

If it doesn’t come right away “the book” says…

Use a quotation that reflects the theme…drawn from the primary source [our person]

What door have they opened?
Maybe a direct quote…
maybe just a sum up of what they said about salvation.
The point being that we all listen to our own words pretty closely.

My gospel letter to my mom was written while I was in seminary.

The “term paper” method was fresh in my mind.

But seriously, we all learned how to write a term paper.

The next step…


documentation with “gravitas”…

that’s tomorrow…

please come back.

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A. November 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Reading and learning, Teacher. I am really thinking about the ‘what door have they opened’ per my elder porcupine person.


Craig November 29, 2011 at 5:37 pm

A. I know this sounds of teach-ish, but I’m not really teaching – I’m just sharing what I have learned. I learn from you and everybody else all the time. But this is really just sort of process-ish stuff – kind of dry – but important. I’m learning as I “teach”.

Thank you A. Blogging just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t read. – I hope we both learn – and then use – and God works through it. I know I have a big conversation coming up in about 90 min. with you know who – I didn’t plan it – events happened and it may just happen tonight – if you get this before the feel free to pray ツ Not looking forward to this.

God bless you A.


thefisherlady November 29, 2011 at 7:11 pm

Interesting to follow your thoughts on this Craig. I see your mom was a big influence on your life. kind of like the Bible says…her kids shall rise up and call her blessed…
Short comings we all have… but God
He makes all the difference


Craig November 30, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Susan, with the other person who had the role of parent being every bit the example of the opposite of love – my mom was really the parent to learn everything good from. I think I learned a little – she was a strong, brave woman – and so full of love. And she was one of those who was so nice, nobody would think it possible she would go anywhere but heaven – only those of us who know that perfection is required – and attainable – by grace. God bless you Susan – take care!


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